Computer Science & Interaction Design

I am a rising second year at Northeastern University in Boston interested in front end development and UX/UI design. I hope that my studies in programming and design will allow me to contribute to both of these areas in the tech industry in the future. In my work, I strive for creativity and ingenuity to create exciting new projects.

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Mobile Design: NUDine

This app mockup, created using InVision software, would allow Northeastern students to better navigate the dining hall program at Northeastern University. The app gives students easy access to menus, hours, and other information, in addition to the ability to leave feedback about the food they ate. The rating system of the daily menu allows students to leave a scaled rating from good to bad, as well as comments. This would show other students what's tasty at the moment and help the dining halls know how they could improve in the future. The app's development was done in a group of three and planned preliminarily through the use of an affinity diagram, as shown on the right. Our goal with the diagram at the start was to solve a problem at our university, which led us to the inspiration for our idea.

Click below for the full mockup:

Information Design: The Sixth Extinction

In response to the world's climate change dilemma, I created an infographic which shows how human activity is leading to our planet's next extinction event. It includes research about the five past extinction events. Additionally, it compares current scientific findings about the Earth's climate conditions to the conditions which existed during these past extinction events. Click below to see the diagram in full screen.

Photography: Minimalism in Cuba

This past summer, I studied abroad in Havana, Cuba and was able to practice digital photography. Walking down the streets of Cuba, I tried to capture the spirit of the country and its people. For my final project, I crafted a photo essay which examined how Cubans are able to make the most out thier resources as a community. Click on any of the photos for the full project.

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Garnet Valley, PA | June 2019